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Coach Dorman Martial Arts Instructor

Coach Dorman in Kansas City - Millennium Academy

Coach Dorman


Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt
Favorite activity in Martial Arts: Grappling 
Favorite Technique in Martial Arts: Rainbow Kick
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream
Favorite Music:  Everything 
Favorite Movie: Captain America
What other sports/hobbies do you enjoy: I really enjoy being in band, especially marching and concert season.
Who do you admire and why: I admire Ms. Neibling because she still makes time for Tae Kwon Do and she is getting her doctorate and still has time for friends. I also admire Mr. Shelton because he always tries his best and always brings a positive attitude. Lastly, I admire Master Butler because he wants us to do our best no matter what, he strives for what he believes in, and when he wants something done, he gets it done.
What are your goals in life: My goals in life are simple: I want to become the best person I can be, strive for success, go to college, and get a great job.  My goal is to become a Master, and learn how to push myself but not overwhelm myself.  One of my goals is to focus on my priorities and learn more about myself so I can manage my emotions more effectively.  I want to learn to take charge and earn respect from others.

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