Kids Martial Arts Classes In Kansas City

Our Age-Specific Kids Martial Arts Classes Have Something For Every Child In Kansas City!

Give your child the best chance to thrive with our high-energy Kids Martial Arts Classes at Millennium Academy. 

We're proud to offer students across Kansas City access to age-specific training designed to meet the needs of every experience levels. Our Kids Martial Arts training includes instruction in Kukkiwon Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Judo, Weapons, Leadership, and Demo Team. And we have two exciting programs to offer:

Little Ninjas (Ages 5 & 6)


Youth/Family (Ages 7 and up)

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Watch Your Child Grow One Step At A Time In Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

There is simply no better way to build confidence and determination in young students than with hands-on martial arts instruction. And at Millennium Academy, we have a team of professional instructors who can offer support, motivation, and incredible skills. 

Our Kids Martial Arts classes are helping students across all of Kansas City stay active and take pride in the learning process. Your child will be thrilled to come back week after week.

Students can quickly develop:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Strength and speed
  • Bully prevention strategies
  • Lifelong habits of physical activity

And Don't Forget: Our Kids Martial Arts Training Is Built For Well-Rounded Success

That's right! It doesn't end with just the kicks and punches and physical tools. We're helping young students grow into well-rounded adults with a set of valuable life skills that you just can't learn in the classroom.

At Millennium Academy, your child will be surrounded by incredible role models and a great group of new friends. They'll learn to face life with confidence and overcome any obstacle put in their way.

Join us in Kansas City and help your child learn:

  • Respect and discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Focus and attention to detail
  • Incredible self-confidence

Get Started Today! Our Kids Martial Arts Classes In Kansas City Have Something For Everyone! 

Don't let your child struggle to find their footing. Give them a direct path to success with our Kids Martial Arts Classes at Millennium Academy. We're helping students across Kansas City thrive and your child could be next!

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