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Carl Meinke

Why did you begin martial arts training?  Why do you continue to train?

I began soon after my son started.  I found that I was helping him at home a lot and thought that I might as well learn it too.   Martial Arts has been a great stress reliever.  It doesn't matter how bad a day you have, you always feel better after class.  


What are some of your hobbies, sports, or other activities that you enjoy outside of martial arts?

I enjoy watching the Chiefs and Royals and any time that I can make it to a Northwest Missouri State Bearcats game.   I also enjoy fixing things around the house and working on cars.  One of these days I plan to get a classic muscle car.  An old Mustang, Cougar or maybe a Torino.  


What is a life lesson that martial arts has taught you?

Longevity:  Staying involved during injuries and avoiding injury as we get older.  It's a hard lesson to learn and practice when most of us want to be competitive.    


Who are some of your personal heroes?

My Grandfather was a Marine at Iwo Jima and was preparing to be in the landing force to invade Japan in WWII before the bombs.   My wife’s Grandfather served in the liberation of France as an Army officer.  Both of our fathers served in Vietnam.  As a mechanic, my dad would say he was in the safest place he could be in Vietnam, but he still spent two tours in a war zone.   My wife’s dad did Coast Guard Air/Sea rescue in the South China Sea, and served on patrol boats in the waters of Vietnam.  He later served in the Great Lakes and in the Navy Reserves.  I tend to think of those kinds of sacrifices as heroic.  Although I don't think any of them would call themselves heroes.  


Is there anything else that you would like to share with Hero families?

It's always great to Mom's and Dad's taking classes with the kids.  Try it!

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