Kids Martial Arts Kansas City

Carl Meinke

Rank: Kukkiwon 4th 

Favorite Activity in Martial Arts: Sparring and Forms

Favorite Technique in Martial Arts: Front Thrust Kick

Favorite Food: BBQ (Ribs, Brisket, etc)

Favorite Dessert: Cherry Cheesecake

Favorite Music: 80’s Metal

Favorite Movie: Smoky and the Bandit or Pulp Fiction.

Hobbies: Cars, Home Improvement.  

I’ve been married to Shelly since 1998.

I have 2 children. 

I have a dog named Fudge, she is part Australian Shepard.

I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University.  Go Bearcats!

My goals are to be and good father and husband, and raise my children to be good, successful people.  

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