Jim Shelton, Martial Arts Instructor

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Jim Shelton

Why did you begin martial arts training?  Why do you continue to train?

My son started martial arts first, then the rest of the family signed up a little while after that.  I had always been interested in it but never had the opportunity to do it.  My son and I both tested for school black together.  I honestly never thought I would make it to school black.  Six months later I tested for my Kukkiwon 1st Dan and achieved it.  I realized that the future is yet to be written and that the only obstacle from further growth was myself.  It was then that I realized there was so much more to martial arts and I was curious to see just what I was capable of.


What is your favorite part about instructing/coaching at Hero?

I would have to say my favorite part about instructing is seeing a student realize what they are capable of.  Some students try hard, yet lack confidence.  When you see them do something they didn't know they could do and see that light in their eyes shining back at you, it's infectious to say the least.  Their energy and excitement explodes, and as an instructor we can feel that.  It not only inspires the student that just made the achievement, it also inspires me to continue training and teaching.  Building up others and watching them grow beyond their own expectations is priceless to me.


What are some of your hobbies, sports, or other activities that you enjoy outside of martial arts?

I still love playing coed volleyball when I get the chance, play computer games on occasion, spending time with good friends, and singing.  I also enjoy being in nature and seeing new sights.  I like to cook too and try new recipes.


What is a life lesson that martial arts has taught you?

Balance is the key to everything.  Life can be difficult to navigate.  So many negative things in the world.  Some we can't avoid, but if we make sure to focus on the positives, we can keep it all in balance and keep going.  I had a lot of self-esteem issues when I was younger.  It's hard to find anyone that hasn't.  I thought I'd outgrown it but I realized that I hadn't. Master Butler always tells me to stay positive.  I have taken that to heart.  Some days, I'm simply not at my best, but that's ok.  There is always something good that I can focus on and tomorrow is a new day with new hopes, opportunities, and possibilities.


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