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Leslie DeGroot

Why did you begin martial arts training?  Why do you continue to train?

I wasn't planning on training in martial arts.  My original intention was to find a place for my daughter to learn basic self defense, self-confidence, and experience what it feels like to achieve goals. When we came in to try out a class, Master Butler asked if I was going to join as well to which I promptly said "No, this is for my daughter."  His response changed my life: You know, children are more likely to reach Black Belt when their parents train with them.  We are more than kicking and punching.  We are a lifestyle."  So, my daughter and I signed up together and are still going strong!


What is your favorite part about instructing/coaching at Hero?

Having a positive impact and playing a significant role in the development of others.   The ability to watch others become better versions of themselves knowing that I played a little part in that growth, is hands down, the MOST rewarding piece of my life.


What is your favorite phrase that you hear Master Butler use?  Why?

"Don't Think, Just Do"  This is so incredibly valuable to hear...oftentimes, we get stuck in our heads hearing words of doubt and worry, we become immobile: Paralysis by Analysis.  Master Butler would NEVER ask us to do something that he knows we can't do, because he sets each and every one of us up for success.  If you never try, you will never know your limits or what you are capable of achieving.


Where is your favorite place to visit on a vacation?

Any place away from the city, little to no light pollution, so that at night I can be reminded of how small we all truly are in this giant world.  During the day, I want a fishing pole, a bucket of minnows, a crappie hole, and someone to clean all of the fish that I catch...and then I also need someone else there to cook all of the fish that the other someone cleaned, so that I can eat them.

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