Burn the Boats!

“If you want to succeed; burn the boats.”

—Tony Robbins



Nearly 10 years ago, I was invited to go with a friend to a Tony Robbins Seminar, we had Special VIP Access and enjoyed the privilege to do a 4-day intensive "UPW: Unleash the Power Within" course, where if I remember correctly, it was 15-hours per day for 4 days, 60-hours total!  

At the end, Tony Robbins had us all believing that we could walk on fire!  Some didn't quite believe in themselves, but most of us braver souls lined up and walked the walk!!!  As we removed our shoes and socks, we were allowed to watch his team build the infernos, spread out the extremely hot coals and as we admired the coals amber yellow glow in the evening blue sky, I thought back to one of his lessons: there was no looking back if I was to be successful.  

The concept of burning boats traces back to many of history’s most inspiring leadership stories. The concept is simple: upon arrival to the new land, destroy all your ships. This sends a clear message to yourself: "There is no turning back. We either win or we will die."  My first duty assignment in Langley Virginia, while attached to the US Air Force: 1st Fighter Wing Squadron patch and  motto: "Aut Vincere Aut Mori" translating from latin to "Either Victory or Death".  

I'm not talking about real death, I'm talking about living your life less than what you are capable of.  The quality of life you live greatly depends on the risks you are willing to take and if the return ( reward ) is worth the investment of your time and energy.

At its essence, burning boats represents a point of no return, a psychological commitment where you recognize that you have crossed a line never to cross back. There is no hedging your bets or looking over your shoulder!  Everything now... all thoughts and efforts must be focused on succeeding in this new reality.

You can apply this lesson to smaller things in life but you can definitely relate this to your commitment to Black Belt as you move forward, closer and closer to each belt promotion and eventually leadership and Mastery.  


Master Mike Butler

Official Firewalker and Tony Robbins UPW Graduate

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