Hello everyone. I am Chief Johnson and I am excited to return to Hero Academy this week!


Shortly after leaving Hero Academy in 2015 I was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis and spent 9 months in recovery, pain management, and physical therapy. I am a self-proclaimed “lifetime learner” so as soon as I was ready to be active again I started exploring: I tried my hand at Crossift, Muay Thai, Bootcamp, Yoga, and more.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my adventures, I eventually realized it was time to come home to Hero Academy. There are three main reasons why this is the place for me:

  1. Practicality – Hero Academy offers me variety - the ability to train in multiple disciplines and gain a variety of skills ( Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, weapons, cardio, weight training, etc ) all in one place. Even as a 3rd Degree there are so many new things for me to learn!  Also, Hero Academy is scalable to my ability – there are several things I cannot do physically, but I have the opportunity to focus on the things I do well and never feel left out.
  2. Teamwork – The people at Hero Academy I have trained with and instructed over the years are special to me. These are the people who worked with me, pushed me, taught me, supported me, and stood by me during my journey. Its easier to be great when you are surrounded by great people.
  3. Spirit – Here’s a story: a few weeks ago I was joking around with a few of my teenage relatives downtown. They kept asking me to buy them ice cream, and when I refused one of them ran up on me from behind and tried to grab my right arm to pull me in the store. Without thinking (and within a half a second) I had rolled my wrist, transferred his arm to my left hand, put my right hand on his far shoulder, stepped a foot behind him, and had him completely under control and safely on the ground. As I held him there, me completely calm and him in shock, I realized that true learning never leaves you; you carry it with you always. My training is part of who I am – it’s in my spirit.

I am looking forward to continuing my training and meeting all the new students at Hero Academy!!!  

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